• design
  • old letter tutorial

    To do this assignment, you’re first going to need to find some distressed looking letters. You could do this in your editing software, but that would be pretty difficult and advanced. I like FreeImages for my stock photos. I’m using GIMP for this tutorial. Open up the program, and open the letter template you’re using. […]

  • visual
  • gif with subtitles tutorial

    The first thing you need to do for this assignment is to find the video you want to use on YouTube. Open up QuickTime. Click ‘File’ and ‘New Screen Recording.’ Select the area of the screen you want to record, and click start. Save the clip. Now, open the clip in iMovie, and click ‘Create.’ […]

  • audio
  • sound effect story tutorial

    For this assignment I recommend using iMovie. iMovie’s timeline is easy to manipulate, and there are tons of great sound effects already native to the program. Create a new project (choose movie, even though we’re just working with audio here). Listen to the sounds they have, and start to piece together your story. Drag the […]

  • video
  • period piece mashup tutorial

    For this assignment, first download the videos you want to use from YouTube. I installed the SaveFrom plugin for Chrome, which makes this super easy. When you go to YouTube, there will be a little download button below the video: Open iMovie, and import your videos. Now, select the sections of the videos you want to […]

  • weekly summaries
  • weekly summary #4

    I started off the week by reading Roger Eber’s guide to reading films, which was very enlightening. Like the other resources we’ve looked at in the course, this piece showed me how to critically view an art form I was familiar with. He gave me new eyes with which I viewed the rest of the […]

  • thoughts and ideas
  • reading movies?!

    How to Read a Movie: In this piece, famed film critic Roger Ebert outlines his universal approach to analyzing films; an approach that requires no knowledge of the film’s production or context. He developed the technique teaching his film classes, as he implemented stop-motion in his film screenings. Anyone could call out ‘stop!’ to stop […]

  • video
  • downton ab(beyonce)

    Mashups? Ummm, yes, please. As a hungry hungry pop culture consumer, I love seeing my favorites all smooshed up together. For this video assignment, I put together the Downton Abbey theme and Beyonce’s music video for 711. I loved Downton Abbey when it was on, and I have to admit that just hearing the theme that plays […]